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01.The Future Arrives-1_工作區域 1.jpg
03.Adjustable Nicotine Content X We Do W
04.Do You Have These Troubles_small.jpg
05.No More_工作區域 1.jpg
06.Vitale Is Your Savior_工作區域 1.jpg
07.Vitale Cigarette-Simulated_工作區域 1.jpg
08.Good Personal Hygiene X Replace the F
10.Draw Activation X No Need to Set the
11.Easy Peasy Refilling Pod X Just Refil
12.Pass Through Charging X Limitless Vap
13.Persistent Performance X Consistent T
14.5 Protections to Keep Your Safety_工作區
15.Strong Anti-Virus Magnetic Top Cap X
16.Worrying About Losing the Cap_工作區域 1.
20.Wanna Travel Around the World-01.jpg
21.stop smoking-01.jpg
23.What Vaping Has Changed Our Lives-01.
24.Detailed Product
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