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Every day, we go to work hoping to do ONE thing:

Help ONE smoker to make the transition easier each day. It was true when the first Da One is established in 2012, and we have helped more than 100,000 people made the switch today and it is growing every day. Back then, the company was a small group of experienced vapers who eagerly design and manufacture a vape device that will ease smoker's anxiety away from cigarettes.


Da One offered mouth to lung experience vape devices, just like you had with a cigarette. We have dedicated on the inhale, coil resistance, throat hit, and functionality, make sure our designs are simplest and the most practical to operate, they simulate successfully the way a smoker inhales while smoking.


Smokers ideally do not want to blow big amounts of vapor clouds, they are less noticeable and are less of an annoyance for people around, drawing less attention. Also, they can deliver the right nicotine content, which is ideal for people looking to quit. We want to make sure you have a suitable device if this is your first try.


Because if you don't, you will be more likely to find your way back to old habits which would be the last thing for us to see. Before most of the smokers made the switch would require a certain amount of patience. It is not an issue if for a time you are “in-between” vaping and cigarettes and use both.


Our mission is to make the transition as easy as possible but we would kindly as you to be patient and you’ll get there.

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