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Rever ME,

The ME Time You Deserve.


Finding the perfect way to spend “ME" time is about doing something that you find relaxing and rewarding.


Facts That You Need to Know about Vaping


The device you vape every day could be the super spreader of any virus, 99% of vape device does not have a magnet hygienic cap that allows you to cover your drip tip.  Without magnet hygienic cap, your drip tip will be 100% covered by dust and virus after throwing it in your pocket or purse.

Sure you don't do that to your food, so why do that to your vape device?


Industry Leading,

UVC Super Strong

Magnet Hygienic Cap

Put the magnetic top cap at the bottom to keep you from losing it while vaping.


Ultraviolet (UVC) Light,

Efficiently and Safely Inactivates Airborne Human Coronaviruses


A direct approach to limit airborne viral transmissions is to inactivate them within a short time of their production. Though Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was first reported in December 2019 and then characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, ultraviolet (UVC) light exposure is a direct antimicrobial approach and its effectiveness against different strains of airborne viruses has long been established.


Facts That You Need to know about Vaping


67.3 % of first time vapers went back to smoking after the first try. Top reason: The liquid spit back into the mouth, it is very uncomfortable and unbearable, and they rather back with stickies.

Rever Filters, made of 100% recyclable and eco-friendly organic cotton, help reduce condensation and stop liquid from getting into your mouth. The filter serves a cig-alike inhaling and exhaling experience that will definitely solve the issue. So if you are those who go back, why don't you give it another try with Rever ME?

Get the smoothest, cleanest hits with Rever ME Filters to truly replicate the feeling of having a traditional cigarette.


Flawless Aluminum Oxide,

High Performance Paint Coating


With our special anodic aluminium oxide, no more scratches from your wedding ring, handbag or keys.


Designed to Last,

Large Battery for All Day Usage

(up to 700 puffs)


Define Your Own Happiness,

A Better Way to Start Your Transition.

We are dedicated to solving the toughest transition challenges for you. Different levels of airflow adjustment will allow you to find the sweet spot for your own preferences.


Facts That You Need to Know about Vaping



More than 75% of first time vapers did not know the nicotine ratio compared to cigarettes.


Cigarettes turned into ashes after 13-14 puffs but vapes don't. Beginners often overvape because they don't know the right nicotine ratio.

Rever ME has vibrations as notification in every 20 puffs to avoid overvaping.

Fuel Your Passion,

Wherever Life Takes You.


With the super transparent Rever ME Pod, you may easily check the e-juice level at all times. And with the wide side-filling port, Rever Pod is huge enough to accommodate most of the bottle tips without any chance of leaking.


Food-Grade PCTG,

Rever 0.8/1.2 ohm Mesh Pod,

Chasing the Good Flavors with Rever ME.

Rever 0.8/1.2 ohm Mesh Pod, for true mouth-to-lung vaping and perfect for high nicotine dosage without flavor loss, pretty much just like you would with a cigarette, gently drawing vapor into your mouth, before taking a double inhale down into your lungs.


Built for Safety,

Safety is Our First Concern.


5-stars rating li-Ion battery same as electric cars, Rever ME is built from the ground up with ultra high-strength aluminum to achieve the best structural rigidity.

Color_1_工作區域 1.jpg

4 Essential Colors

If Rever ME is an extension of our personality, character and taste, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be showing the best version of ourselves.

Pacific Blue

Triple Black

Color_2_工作區域 1_工作區域 1.jpg

Sunset Gold

Quick Silver


Perfectionist and Pristine-Looking

Rever ME,

the Best Kit Ever.


Heavy on features, light on size. Rever ME is ready to get you wherever you're going-with some style.


1 x Rever ME 1200 mAh Battery

1 x Rever 1.2 ohm Mesh Pod

1 x Classic Organic Cotton Filter

1 x All Black Organic Cotton Filter

1 x Delrin Drip Tip

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

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