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Rever Filter Pod,

By Reaching for infinity, Reach the Core of Yourself.

Ahead of Our Time: Focusing only on ultra-traditional vape-making was not enough. There was a hunger to develop more modern and creative features — Rever.


Ultraviolet (UVC) Light,

Efficiently and Safely Inactivates Airborne Human Coronaviruses

A direct approach to limit airborne viral transmissions is to inactivate them within a short time of their production. Though Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was first reported in December 2019 and then characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, ultraviolet (UVC) light exposure is a direct antimicrobial approach and its effectiveness against different strains of airborne viruses has long been established. Our signature magnet hygienic cap has always been vapers’ favorite. Now we took the hygienic protection to another level. While you are not vaping, you can turn the Rever pod upside down to cover your filter or Delrin drip tip to let the UVC sanitize it and charge the pod at the same time.


Rich Flavor to

Elevate Your Passion,

Switch Up Your Old Habit.


Get the smoothest, cleanest hits with Rever Filters to truly replicate the feeling of having a traditional cigarette. Rever Filters, made by 100% recyclable and eco-friendly organic cotton, help reducing condensation and stopping liquid getting into your mouth.


Vapes Magical,

But It's Not Magic, It's Rever's Delrin Drip Tip.

Rever's Delrin Drip Tip, made with its vase-like shape and double O-rings around the base for a good connection, is ideal for whom interested in a more flavourful, mouth-to-lung vaping experience.


Rever 1.2 ohm Mesh Pod,

True Believers in the Power of Vape.

Rever 1.2 ohm Mesh Pod, for true mouth-to-lung vaping and perfect for high nicotine dosage without flavor loss, pretty much just like you would with a cigarette, gently drawing vapor into your mouth, before taking a double inhale down into your lungs.

Fuel Your Passion,

Wherever Life Takes You.


With the super transparent Rever Pod, you may easily check the e-juice level at all times. And with the wide side-filling port, Rever pod is huge enough to accommodate most of the bottle tips without any chance of leaking.


Responsive Auto Draw,

Having Your Moment.


In terms of usability, from start to finish, auto draw is very user-friendly and perfect for new vapers and former cigarette smokers to vape without running into an issue. And it also preserves battery life longer because they’re optimized with an inhalation limit. This feature is intended to lengthen the amount of time between charges.


Tons of Tech,

Stands Out in Any Space.


Thanks to the 1Core Chipset. It makes Rever so compact that it fits in more places than ever. It’s designed to take full advantage of next-level performance with the incredible power efficiency of Rever along with full protections that vapers ever need.


Astonishing Battery Capacity,

Keeps Up with You All Day.

It's as if Thor hisself swung his giant hammer and demanded "More power! More! Power!" and we answered. We believe that everyone knows the feeling, you leave work, reach into your pocket and pull out your vape device, excited to get some hits and bam! Your supid device, with its sutpid battery life, only has very little battery left. We know your pain, so that's why we create Rever 400 mAh Pod Device with its 2600 mAh Charging Case. That means enough battery life to keep you off-grid well into your second and even third day.


Easy to Connect,

Simple to Recharge.


Recharging Rever Pod Device is a snap. With the compact, intuitive design of Rever Charging Case, it makes on-the-go charging easy. The perfectly aligned magnets keep the Rever Pod Device attached to its Charging Case - providing safe and reliable wireless charging.

Food-Grade PCTG,

Chasing the Good Life with Rever.


When manufacturing plastic products that will contain or come in contact with e-liquid, we only apply the type of plastic material investigated to ensure that it is safe for use. Certain acidic food and liquid can cause plastic additives to leach into food or beverages, causing adverse health effects. And food-grade PCTG, a term used for plastics deemed most durable, heat-resistant and safest for contact with food and beverages, has a high enough purity and doesn’t include any dyes or recycled materials that are potentially hazardous if consumed by humans.

Keeping It Green,

Designed with the Earth in Mind.


Why do we use aluminum on Rever Pod Device? Firstly, in the 18th century, due to difficult extraction, it became the exclusive noble metal for members of the royal family and was more precious than gold. Secondly, aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust and widely used in aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships, rockets, space shuttles, artificial satellites, etc. When aluminum metal is placed in the atmosphere, a thin layer, known as aluminum oxide, forms on the metal's surface and acts like a protective, rust-resistant shield to prevent corrosion. But most importantly, to reduce use of natural resources, waste generation and environmental impact, aluminum are 100% recyclable and reusable for sustainability.


With Great Battery Quality,

Comes Great Safety.


It's impossible to talk about Rever without mentioning its exquisite battery. The quality of lithium-ion battery we use every day on multiple devices is extremely important as we all heard stories about battery burnt or explosion. Choosing the right battery is the key of product safety. The lithium-ion battery of Jimi, which shares the same supplier as branded electric cars, pass extreme tests to be the top quality batteries.

0224-1172 copy.jpg

Vape with Rever,

Vape with Pride and Individuality.

Food-Grade PCTG Fits for Human Consumption to Come in Contact with E-Liquids.


The way you choose vaping products declaration to the outside world of which style you stand on today. A not too dissimilar pod device spelling out the word “Rever”, for example, speaks to a more avant-garde street style entirely. On the other hand, nothing signals stealth wealth quite like the glint symbol ∞ on the Rever pod device as one so graciously vapes.

Product Size 22 x 44 x 110 mm

0224-1256 copy.jpg

4 Essential Colors,

Is There A More Heavyweight Status Than the Rever?


If Rever is an extension of our personality, character and taste, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be showing the best version of ourselves.

*Matte Black

*Navy Blue

*Dark Grey

*Rose Gold


Perfectionist and Pristine-looking Rever,

the Best Kit Ever.


Heavy on features, light on size. Jimi is ready to get you wherever you're going-with some style.


1 x Rever Charging Case

1 x Rever Pod Device

1 x Rever 1.2 ohm Mesh Pod

2 x Organic Cotton Filters

1 x Delrin Drip Tip

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x Warranty & User Manual


 6+18 Extended Warranty Service,

Please Click Here!


I know you like to take Rever anywhere you go. We also wants to make sure you'll be happy long after the existing warranty expires. With the extended warranty, your Rever will be continually looked after by our best technicians. Simply locate the product tag, which is affixed to the outer packaging. This tag is the product serial number that consists of 20 characters. And please register at


Show Us Your Rever,

Win FREE PODS for A Year!


DA ONE TECH would love to see and hear the Rever users’ successful transition stories. Simply take a selfie with Rever and write down your story on social media with the hashtag “#da1rever”. The most inspiring story will get FREE PODS for a year.



Explore the Rever More.


• Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

• Output Voltage: 3.5V

• Voltage Rage: 3.3-4.2V

• Power Output: 5-12W

• Coil Resistance: 1.0-3.0Ω

• Charging Case Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh

• Pod Device Battery Capacity: 400 mAh

Charging Case Charging Specification

: USB-C Charging Port 5V/2A

• Pod Device Charging Specification

: USB-C Charging Port 5V/1A

• Longest Vaping Time: 8 seconds

• Lowest Current: ≤ 6uA

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