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With Barrel/Barrel 2,

we proudly announced that

we have helped more than 300K smokers to convert.

is not only here to bring back to the good

old memories.

Blondes easy and successful world wide.

IMG_8956 copy .jpg

Industry Leading,

Signature Magnet Hygienic Cap

Our signature magnet protection cap is now more then just a mask, it is a great tool that allows me time even more carefree.


Define Your Own Happiness,

A Better Way to Start Your Transition.

We are dedicated to solving the toughest transition challenges for you. Different levels of airflow adjustment will allow you to find the sweet spot for your own preferences.


3 Levels Output

The Barrel S features a 3 Levels Output system that allows users to easily adjust the output power to their desired level. Whether you prefer a light and smooth vaping experience, or a bold and powerful hit, the Barrel S has got you covered.

So why settle for a one-dimensional vaping experience when you can have the versatility of the Barrel S?


Designed to Last,

Large Battery for All Day Usage


Fast Charging, Fully Charged in an Hour.


Flawless Aluminum Oxide,

High Performance Paint Coating


With our special anodic aluminium oxide, no more scratches from your wedding ring, handbag or keys.

Built for Safety,

Safety is Our First Concern.


5-stars rating li-Ion battery same as electric cars, Rever ME is built from the ground up with ultra high-strength aluminum to achieve the best structural rigidity.

Barrel S 1.0/1.2 ohm Mesh,

Chasing the Good Flavors with Good Old Barrel.

Barrel S 1.0/1.2 ohm Mesh Coil, for true mouth-to-lung vaping and perfect for high nicotine dosage without flavor loss, pretty much just like you would with a cigarette, gently drawing vapor into your mouth, before taking a double inhale down into your lungs.

IMG_9041 copy.jpg
IMG_8805 copy 2.jpg

Quick Silver

Imperial Red

All Black

Navy Blue


Perfectionist and Pristine-Looking

Barrel S,

the Best Kit Ever.


Heavy on features, light on size. Barrel S is ready to get you wherever you're going-with some style.


1 x Barrel S 1000 mAh Battery

1 x Barrel S 1.2 ohm Mesh Coil
1 x Barrel S Pod

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

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