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AMO19產品細節圖 BANNER網頁 改-03.jpg

The Iconic Barrel Magnet dust cap, you will no longer be worry about throwing AMO19 in your bag or your pocket, while vaping there is a magnet holder at the bottom keep you from losing it. This nice design not only bring you the cleanness of mouthpiece but making your vaping life much easier.


AMO19 is not only able to use an MTL draw, with a powerful 0.8 ohm coil. The stronger output allows the user to use a looser MTL or Strict DTL to experience the original taste of your liquid and make you feel like you're somewhere tropical with a palm tree.


AMO19 has 4 battery level of 1100 mAh battery.  From 3.35~4.2 V output , the light will turn on/off the LED based on the battery level. If you need a little bit more, You can always use the included cable to plug in and keep the vaping life going.

AMO19產品細節圖 BANNER網頁 改-09.jpg

Many ask if this is the updated version of thegreat Barrel we launched. The answer is negative. AMO19 comes with a powerful 0.8-ohm coil with the ability of stronger output and looser airflow. It is a new device with complete 

difference user experience from Barrel. 

If you are enjoying looser output, AMO19 would be 

DA ONE for you.

*Wire Material

0.8 ohm Nichrome


AMO19 has the latest TYPE-C charging that compatible with your latest phone charger,No need to carry an extra cable with you , with 1100 mAh battery that will be able to be fully charged in an hour. Just plug in the charger on the way to work or on the way home , there is no need to worry about the battery life


With TPD 2ml Childproof version refilling top cap, AMO19 it is protected from child but easy to open. Pushing down the top cap and turn right to open and refilling the juice below the safety line on the glass tube.

*Please allow the coil to absorb the liquid for few minutes while first use. 

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