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Rever ME,

The ME Time You Deserve.

Finding the perfect way to spend “ME" time is about doing something that you find relaxing and rewarding.

Rever Filter Pod
UVC 2600 mAh Powerbank
World First Wireless Charging Filter Pod 
Jimi AIO Pod Kit






ME time helps to create balance. If you have a high-stress work life, you need to balance this by enjoying your time and relaxing outside of work. It is meant to be put away the stress you may have, does not make sense if you would need to worry where to put your vape or sanitize everytime you want to vape again.


ACED is here to fulfill your brain’s craving with its cutting-edge features, no more physical or psychological pushback.The pod system had been completely reimagined. From wireless charging to organic cotton filters, ACED Filter Pod are designed for an  ......

jimi, the Meaning of New Life. We know the life after the Covid-19 outbreak has never been the same. We are at the beginning of the end, waiting for a new beginning. Our values change, our lives and habits change under that influence....


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