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Masks for ACED | Our Signature Magnet Dust Cap with Super Strong Pull Force


Nothing about this year is typical. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, masks has become one of the essentials in our daily lives. The main purpose of mask-wearing is to protect others as well as yourself, by reducing the risk of getting infected.

And the core reason of using a magnetic cap is to protect ourselves by reducing 99% chances of getting infected when vaping. So why not covering up the drip tip that goes directly in our month? Let’s keep your drip tip from contracting virus and keep your family safe.

Why We Own the Strongest Magnet Dust Cap in Vape Industry?

52 is the highest number of the N rating, which also means an N52 magnet is the strongest member of the Rare Earth magnet family, and the most powerful permanent magnet currently available in the world. And we use it on our signature magnet dust cap because of its incredible strength, even at small sizes to actually prevent losing and protect your drip tip. Its superior strength to size ratio is what makes this rare earth magnet material appealing for a variety of applications, from mobile phones, headphones, electric motors, wind turbines to MRI scanners.

The impressive strength of the neodymium magnets has also lead to some new applications, where magnets are not seen before. For example as jewelry clasps and magnetic building sets. Neodymium magnets have been used as a part of the closing mechanism of some parachute equipment.


{UK Warehouse} Aced Replacement Top Cap with Magnet Dust-Proof Cap (Transparent)

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