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How to Get a Perfect Throat Hit When Vaping?

What Is Throat Hit?

Throat hit is the satisfaction that’s experienced on the throat when you inhale. Depending on your preference and experience, the sensation can be smooth and satisfying or irritating and harsh.

Just like smokers distinguish between smooth and harsh cigarettes, vapers have preferences for gently or hard throat hits. The quality of this experience is something vape users can customize.

Why is Throat Hit so Important for Ex-Smokers ?

Research said there are 46% of smokers who tried vaping and going back to smoking because they did not get enough satisfaction from the vaping products.

If you are new or experienced at vaping, you must have heard fellow vapers mention one or all of these terms a lot. Firstly, most people who vape like to customize the throat hit based on their personal preferences.

Strongest is not the Best...

A strong throat hit is when you feel an instant hit at the back of your throat when inhaling. Ex-tobacco cigarette users say that it is very similar to the sensation that you experience when inhaling a cigarette. For a beginner, a strong throat hit can feel somewhat rough and it may even be enough to make you cough, just like a typical cigarette would.

What effect does the do throat hit?

● Nicotine Type

This is the most important factor regarding the throat hit vaping. Nicotine is available in two main types: Nicsalt and freebase nicotine. The freebase type is a chemically altered nicotine that is popular for its harsh sensation when vaped in high concentrations forcing vapers who use it to vape at low concentrations. Since freebase nicotine is often vaped in low strengths, it’s less likely to offer a strong throat hit. The salt-based nicotine is extracted straight from naturally growing tobacco plants, “softened” with benzoic acid enabling it to be vaped in high strengths without throat irritations. Arguably, the higher the strength/concentration/level of nicotine in vape juice, the more potent the throat hit.

● Check The Ratio Your E-Liquid PG/VG

The balancing of the two bases in the vape juice significantly affects the potency of the throat hit.

Propylene glycol (PG) creates a more substantial delivery. E-liquids with a lot of vegetable glycerin (VG) are excellent for people who want a smooth vape. PG creates a sharper throat hit to the back of your throat. It can even feel tickly.

● Flavor

Some flavor types give a stronger throat punch than others. It’s been established that bold, rich, and layered flavors offer weak throat hit as they contain several flavoring extracts watering down other ingredients that contribute to making a strong throat hit. You can also experiment with tobacco, fruity, or coffee flavors. It all depends on your preferences.

● Type of Device

The power settings of your e-cigarette also affect the strength of your throat hit. People who use variable wattage or temperature control mods must worry about this since small tank systems only allow low-wattage vaping.

● Airflow Settings:

On some e-cigs you can adjust the airflow settings. To achieve a stronger throat hit, go for an open airflow setting, while if you want something smoother go for a more restricted airflow setting. This adjustment is a somewhat small way to control your throat hit.

How to Get Less/More Throat Hit?

The best of it is that there is no need to sacrifice flavor to achieve that satisfying punch on your throat, and there is no need to forsake cloud production for faint misty wisps either, all your needs can be met with a single unit. All that is required is to customize your device to deliver your preferred throat hit intensity – whether you like it smooth or rough – and learn the fundamentals of throat hit, how it is created, and how to play around with the gear to give you that best shot.

Many people who vape don't pay attention to their throat hit. They don't realize that, when controlled, it can be what helps you tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. It's an essential part of the vaping experience.

Throat hit seems neglected in the continuing hunt to invent better ways of delivering flavor and generating huge clouds. But the desire to achieve a throat hit is not only significant in switching from cigarettes but a central dimension in vaping; it truly matters.


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