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How to quit smoking easily?

If you’re looking to quit smoking and make the switch to vaping, it can be a bit daunting when you’re figuring out how to get going, please do not be fear. We kept it simple for you with the simplicity in design and use, will also walk you through step by step that both are suited for light or heavy smokers. Vaping is basically just like smoking but without carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, and obnoxious odor. That’s one of the reasons why millions of smokers have turned to vaping to become smoke-free

if you’re trying to leave a heavy smoking habit behind, we’d recommend MTL vaping. MTL stands for “mouth to lung” which is essentially the same process you used for smoking. You’re already familiar with how it feels given the similarities to how you’d smoke a conventional cigarette which will make the transition easier. With all the technological advances in e-cigarettes in the past few years, you can have a very comparable experience without all the nasties. There is a new organic cotton filter product to help you but starting off easy will give you the best chance of a successful quit attempt.

Leaving behind the familiar feeling of lighting up a cigarette is as much a part of the habit as the nicotine itself is. The sensation of dragging and inhaling is often the part you can miss too. Well, we have good news - There are kits that emulate that similar inhalation style, as well as e-liquids to use in your vape that offer a similar nicotine rush to cigs as well.


While your enormous choice of flavours is the most exciting part of vaping, first you need to pick which type of e-liquid is going to best for you and your vaping style.

When you’re vaping mouth to lung, you’ll need a 50:50 ratio. This is the “just right” balance. It won’t be so thick that your mouth to lung coil can’t evaporate it and it’ll also give you a satisfying level of flavour with that familiar throat hit feeling too. If you want to know which ratio an e-liquid is,

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of acronyms in vaping - here’s the next two to remember: VG and PG.

VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) are the two main ingredients you’ll find in any e-liquid. The important thing to consider is how much of each. VG is much thicker and needs more power to vaporise properly (it creates most of the vapour in your e-cig). PG is thinner and vaporises more easily, creates less vapour and has a little more of a throat hit that replicates that smoky sensation.

How do I choose the strength of nicotine level?

You may see nicotine strength displayed in different ways. Either as a percentage or in mg (milligrams). They both display the same thing, the amount of nicotine within each millilitre (ml) of e-liquid.but what is nicotine strength?

Different of nicotine level will bring you different throat hit.A "strong throat hit," "weak throat hit," or the "perfect throat hit"…

If you are new or experienced at vaping, you must have heard other vapers mention one or all of these terms a lot. A throat hit describes the sensation that you feel when your e-cig's vapor reaches your throat. Depending on your preference and experience, the sensation can be smooth and satisfying or irritating and harsh.

Just like smokers distinguish between smooth and harsh cigarettes, vape users have preferences for smooth or hard throat hits. The quality of this experience is something vape users can customize.

When you’re looking at quitting a heavy smoking habit, you’ll more than likely need a low wattage device but the strongest nicotine level. If you smoke

20 + cigarettes a day, pick an 18mg or 20mg strength.

15-20 cigarettes a day, pick an 12 mg or 16 mg strength.

5-15 cigarettes a day, pick an 9 mg or 12 mg strength.

1-5 cigarettes a day, pick an 3 mg or 6 mg strength.

In order to break a habit, you’ll need your e-cig to give you throat hit that’s strong enough to relieve any cigarette cravings. There are plenty of high strength e-liquids in a 50:50 ratio, but the kind of nicotine is also important too.

If you still feel like you need to smoke, you may need a higher nicotine strength. If you ever feel that your nicotine strength is too high, vape less throughout the day or choose a lower nicotine strength.

You will know if you have chosen a nicotine strength that is too high quite quickly. You may experience the following:

• Headache

• Dizziness

• Mild nausea

• Coughing

If you do, don’t panic, just stop vaping and these symptoms will pass quickly.

Then if you feel like the throat hit is not strong enough, did not give you same level of satisfaction like cigarettes then you could increase the level of nicotine gently.

How To Stop Swallowing Of E-Liquid From Vape?

If you have recently started vaping and have found yourself with e liquid in your mouth more than once (not pleasant and of course e liquid is not to and of course e liquid is not to be swallowed!) This issue have been one of the top reasons that people are going back to smoking.

A lot of time E-liquid gets into the tank’s chimney, and you pull it up into your mouth while drawing on the mouthpiece. If you suck out the vapor too fast it doesn't have enough time to vaporize so then your sucking in the liquid, or if you leave the liquid in a tank for too long it will start to spit liquid in you,. Now you are probably wondering why vaping is so difficult I would probably just going back to smoking that I will never get this issue.

As vaping industry are evolved every year. Paper filter drip tip is invented, it allows for a cig-a-like inhaling and exhaling experience, while reducing condensation and Stopping getting liquid into your mouth. These tips have been designed using organic paper to truly replicate the feel of a traditional cigarette, a must buy for those wanting to closely replicate smoking.

These filters are not only improving the experience of vaping but it is the closest thing to smoking a cigarette that you can get.

Fully recyclable, these filters can be discarded with standard household recycling when they have served their use.


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